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Welcome to Brisbane Antique Trail
Welcome to the Brisbane Antique Trail, where you will find information on a range of Antiques outlets all across Brisbane.

The Brisbane Antique Trail has been designed for licenced Shop Dealers to showcase their wide range of legitimate antiques and collectables.

The Trail is in three parts consisting of:

Brisbane North which is now complete, starts at Albion and finishes at Scarborough.

Brisbane City will encompass shops from Newfarm through the City and out to Paddington.

Brisbane South will start at Woolloongabba and end at Sherwood.

Most shops will have a website and some will have a product manager category to view their stock. You will find that some shops specialize in particular items whether it's period furniture, clocks and jewellery etc. Rest assured when you are purchasing from a licenced shop dealer you are buying a genuine item. You cannot go past this expertise and friendly networking system.

To view each Trail, click on the Trail you require then click on each individual shops "view for more details" this will take you directly to each shops website.

Yours Sincerely

Meade Murphy

Back to the Drawing Board
Thursday 23rd of February 2023

Due to the advancement of digital technology and after the Premier failed to introduce a major deterrent to stop youth crime in Queensland, should we get involved? Should we lobby the Prime Minister to kill the resale value of electric goods and reduce welfare payments to offenders? The Premier is not powerful enough to make the Q.P.S. system effective.

The powerful Australian second-hand goods industry has never talked about the internal politics of property crime publicly even though we have paid millions of dollars in licensing fees for the Second Hand Dealers Act. This act is supposed to protect us, being used as a mechanism for the disposal of stolen goods. Most of the public have the perception that second hand dealers are the “bad guys” yet we have tried twice to tackle youth crime (90% of break and enters are committed by juvenile offenders). In 1984, pre-Fitzgerald Inquiry era, the “old guard” informed the Minister for Police and Corrective Services that they were approaching the problem from the wrong order and their system was doomed to failure. Then on 14/10/1997, post Fitzgerald Inquiry era, my fellow political leaders and I from the Pawnbrokers and Retail Sector all voted for the state government to request the federal government to give the serial number a 100% monetary value like the compliance plate on a car. This would have given the Queensland Police Service stolen property information retrieval system (SPIRS), a much higher retrieval and apprehension rate. This would also prevent the “bad apples” in our industry purchasing electronic goods that have had their serial numbers erased or removed to evade detection and as a result make our Act effective. The Queensland Government did not listen to us and it became apparent that if we made the public safe in their own home, we would put them in danger in the streets as armed robbery is a higher priority crime. The government call this crime dispersal. We view it that evil has a contingency plan – to turn thieves into armed robbers to feed their drug addiction.

The internal politics of crime had become a “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” politics. So, on a vote in 1998 we decided to run on deregulation as a political agenda. For the last 25 years we became “the good guys” that has let evil triumph. Then last year Mrs Emma Lovell lost her life in a break-and-enter at North Lakes. The younger dealers believe that we should release all the information we hold on property crime online. Then a leading criminologist called everyone to go back to the drawing board. I know who he was speaking to. After all, we created the property crime network structure drawing board when Amanda Bliss was murdered on a break-and-enter on 6th June 1996. We also created the largest attack on crime in the world on property crime outdating volume 30 of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology on property crime. I was never going back but thought I should have another look. What I noticed was that mankind weaponised our smart phones to digitally attack an invisible enemy to fight the Covid 19 virus via QR codes, vaccination passports, not to mention facial recognition. Could it be that the world’s industries that make up the hand that unwittingly disposes property crime, create a digital multi-industry credit assessment list (MICAL) to black list repeat offenders in this digital world. MICAL could be the answers that we have been looking for 25 years to fight evil. The theory that a predator in a jungle is only afraid of a larger predator – MICAL would be that larger predator. Many of these young offenders come from broken homes bought on by domestic violence and child abuse. They don’t need any more youth detention centres or increased fines as evil creates evil. If MICAL could expel these young offenders and their parents from a digital world, what an incredible deterrant and social justice that would be for this country.

Furniture Flood Recovery
Thursday 3rd of March 2022

For three generations, we Murphy’s have dealt with flood recovery. Over the years we have been heavily involved in all the floods in South Queensland, but have never seen a rain event like this. Currently Murphy’s Antiques and Restorations have been heavily booked out with the public, church repair & restoration and government projects. We can’t help everyone at the moment, but we can give you some much needed advice to assist you.

If your furniture is solid timber – hose off the mud and debris etc and dry the furniture with a towel. Do not put it in the sun to dry as this may cause warping and cracking etc. Leave it in the garage with all the doors open making sure that the drawers and shelves are out (so they don’t swell in the framework).

If your furniture is veneer – remove mud with mineral turpentine & steel wool and dry with a towel as you work from top to bottom.

Most antique furniture is lined with pine and will take up to 3 days to dry out.

The next thing to do is to make up polish rejuvenation. Buy a small 500ml spray bottle; pour 150ml of pale boiled linseed oil in, 150ml of gum turpentine and 150ml of methylated spirits. All these items are readily available at your local hardware store eg. Bunnings. I call this product “Shake to Rejuvenate”.

Shake well before using. And shake it regularly as this product will separate in 30 seconds!

Spray on a pad of 0000 steel wool and apply with the grain. Letting the solution soak it helps in removing the yellowing of the polish almost immediately. Don’t rub hard as the polish might come off. Remember it is 1/3 methylated spirits, which is the base for French polish and varnish. Note: We use this mixture on French polish, varnish and single pack lacquer. It may not work on 2 pack lacquering, marine poly enamels and hard finishes which should be waterproof anyway.

Now that you have rejuvenated the polish you will need to give in a good drink. We use straight orange oil with a rag and leave it to soak in for half an hour then wipe off the excess with a dry rag (orange oil also available from local hardware store).

Next is a feed and seal. The best way for a good feed and seal are ethanol based waxes such as liberon or jacpol wax. They are not easily obtained as one is made in France and the other in England, however if you Google they are available online. If you can get them, buy them in a medium brown. If you can’t get hold of them you should be able to buy Australia’s best wax – Gilly Stephenson’s dark restoring wax, again available at your local hardware store.

Apply the wax in a circular motion feeding the grain then finish off in a straight line with the grain. Leave to dry for 20 minutes then buff. This process also works for coffee cup marks on tables etc.

If this is not successful it’s a strip, sand and polish I’m afraid. Murphy’s Antique & Restorations offer a free online quote service. Please email your photos to admin@murphysantiques.com, it may take a while for us to reply as we are busy with flood damage.

Memorial Service - Jill Phillips
Thursday 22nd of October 2020

Sunday 25th of October at 2pm, the antique dealers of Queensland will get to pay their last respects to Mrs Jill Phillips at a memorial service at Victoria Park Golf Complex.

Jill passed away during strict Covid 19 funeral restrictions, which meant the industry couldn't pay our last respects at her funeral. Jill was not only Queensland's longest licensed second hand dealer, but over time she became Queen of our industry. The knowledge and information that Jill has passed on to our generation over the years has been invaluable. Jill being the last of her generation means a generational effect has now taken place in our industry so it is now up to our generation to lead our industry into the 21st century and this new digital era.

Meade Murphy Murphy's Antiques and Restorations

Jill Phillips
Sunday 28th of June 2020

Last Friday night on the 22nd June 2020, our incredible industry lost its greatest icon, Mrs Jill Phillips of Discovery Corner, Clayfield. Passing away, aged 84, Jill was Queensland’s longest serving antique dealer, holding the record for the longest Second-hand Dealer’s Licence in Queensland.

I remember as a child going to Isle Love Auctions and Jill would show up and run all the dealers up in price as well as buying all the good quality antiques herself. She would set the price on antiques one way or another. She preferred to deal in quality Rosenstengel furniture as well as fine china. Jill lead the way in our industry being the power broker behind the Queensland Antique Dealers Association - Q.A.D.A.

We all called her the Queen of our industry and was the last active dealer from her generation. It now appears that a generational affect has now taken place in our industry. We must honour all the old guard that have passed away and thank them for the great knowledge and wisdom that they have passed on to our generation.

Friday 10th of April 2020

Please be aware that due to the Covid-19 Virus some dealers have put their antique shops into hibernation. Some antique dealers have also changed their opening hours - I myself have put all Murphy's Antique Restorations furniture stock online and made the weekends as 'by appointment' only. We would like to ask you to maintain the required social distancing when entering our shops or dealing with the restoration staff. We suggest you call before visiting premises to ensure opening hours and limiting contact as much as possible. I would like to thank all our Industry Customers for the continued support and ensure you we will survive this health crisis. Stay well and stay safe. Meade Murphy Murphy's Antiques and Restorations
Inlay and Veneer Repairs
Monday 15th of April 2013

Hot off the Press News!

Introducing Sammy a true master in her field of a dying art of Re-veneering and Inlay Repairs.

If you thought the veneer was unrepairable, Sammy can work her magic.

Sammy….all the way from England is Exclusive to Murphy’s Antique Restorations

Book your repairs now.
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